What information you need to know before placing ski goggles order to the supplier in China


You need to know some details while purchasing ski goggles in China.

We share what ski goggles or motocross goggles make up in last post, TPU frame, goggles lens, foam and the strap. And we will discuss what you need to know before confirming ski goggles or motocross goggles details with the suppliers in China, it would save your time and improve your order process if you know more on them
1. Frame color:
Both of the ski goggles and motocross goggles’ frame are make from the TPU, and usually the inject production TPU frame is white color. If you don’t like the injection color, you just tell the goggles’ supplier the PANTONE CODE, their workers will paint the exactly color you want on the goggles frame. Matt color, shiny color or fluo color are available for painting, so your ski/motocross goggles frame could be in red color, blue color, black color or any others. By the way, fluo color is more popular recently for goggles.
If you want your goggles frame more than two colors, graphic frame. It is no problem, water transfer printing can solve the mix colors goggles frame. Just please send your graphic design to the supplier, they will order the film then make the film on the frame by water transfer printing technique. But it needs large quantity, or the cost is very high.
So, tell me the PANTONE NUMBER and send the graphic design to your supplier, they can make the color you want on the goggles frame.
Some models have a plastic as decoration on the middle of the top, you can print your logo on them.
I will at your service if any problems.
2. Lens color:
Lens is the most important part for skiing/mx goggles, for the safety problem. And the lens’ color will make your appearance looks more cool.
Double layers lens is the standard of ski goggles for now, the inner layer CA lens is anti fog, outside layer PC lens is anti scratch and UV400.
What makes the lens color looks differents depends on the outside layer PC lens, the original color inside and the coating color outside. PC lens common original colors include grey(smoke) color, orange color, yellow color even clear color, And the orange and grey color lens are the most popular colors, for orange lens is good for cloudy day, grey for sunny weather. Darker weather, then you need lighter weather.
You can ask the supplier coating colors on the lens, most common colors are green ,blue, gold, red, silver etc, to make your goggles looks colorful. But also for protect your eyes from the sunshine and snowflake reflect.
Mentioning the lens color, you must ask the supplier whether it is REVO or FAKE/COPY REVO, for the cost is different, as well as the effective on the lens.
Polarized lens, waterproof lens and photochromic lens are no problem too.
格鲁竞技 Printing or laser your logo on the lens is a good idea, to show your brand.